Terms & Conditions

General Conditions


  • Companies registered with MEDC, DCRP (for related works) & Tender Board may purchase the tender documents from MEDC Head Office at Airport Heights against a non-refundable payment via (VISAELECTRON) as mentioned in the tender ad for each set of tender document.
  • The tender documents could be purchased from 08:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs.
  • Tenders issued by Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. are solely property of the company. Editing, altering, copying or disclosing of the tender document is not allowed.
  • Copy of valid certificates shall be presented upon purchasing the tenders. To avoid later disqualification, all tenderers should ensure that all the related certificates are valid.


Bid Submission


a) All bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope and shall be delivered on the date prescribed in the Invitation to Tenders and not later than 10.00 hours (Oman local time) on the following address:
The Chairman of Tender Committee
Muscat Electricity Distribution Company
Sultanate of Oman
All clarifications/correspondence required during the tendering period shall be forwarded to the address mentioned above.


b) Any other marks or reference indicates the name of the bidder is not allowed.

c) Completed bids should be deposited at tender box No. (1) at Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. Head Office in Airport Heights before 10.00 am on the assigned date for submission.

d) Prices, specifications, discounts & other terms or conditions shall be clearly detailed in the bid.

e) Any proposal or suggestion or comments on the terms or/and conditions or items, or scope of work or alternative approach to provide better quality and compatible prices are welcomed to be mentioned in the bid.

f) Deviation from the tender terms & conditions or specifications shall be clearly mentioned & indicated in the cover letter of the bids & detailed in the related part in the tender document.

g) The bids submitted shall be clear, well arranged & documented. No loose papers/documents/bids or any other related parts will be accepted in the bid.

h) Please provide the name of officer in-charge of the proposal in case any discussion or clarification required.

i) Muscat Electricity Distribution Company has developed new process for submitting the tender bids. Hence, you are requested to consider the following points while you are submitting your proposal for tenders:

  • Both of your commercial and technical proposals must be submitted as a software copy ( one CD)
  • Beside the CD’s you should submit hard copy of printable file which include Form of tender& the bill of quantity
  • The CD’s should be in good conditions , PDF format and allow copying only
  • Company name, Tender No and Description should be written on the CD’s
  • Keeping the CD’s inside the envelop (a sealed envelope) along printable file, Tender No and the description should be written in the envelop
  • The Tenderer should enclose a Bank Guarantee issued by any bank in the Sultanate of Oman for the value of (1%) of the Tender value for period of (90) days from the Submission date and addressed to The Chairman of the Tender Committee in separate transparent envelop.
  • While submitting the bids you’re requested to acknowledge that your proposal is submitted at the reception.
  • A regret letter is required if tenderer was not able to submit his bid.

Note: any bids submitted not as per the above will be rejected.

j) MEDC has the right to ask/enquire/contact about the proposal for additional information from the concerned officer in-charge.

k) MEDC reserves the right to reject one or more proposals without specifying any reasons & the company may select the best proposal that meets its requirements.

l) The tender document should be filled as per the instruction given for each tender to avoid disqualification.