High value customers who consume above 150 MWH in a year, under the Commercial, industrial and Government Categories are eligible to be CRT customers.

Bulk Supply Charge:

Corresponds to the Orange Box in the diagram. This is the cost of electricity paid to the generation companies to cover the cost of electricity generation. This value of consumption is read on hourly basis and is charged at different rates depending on the time of the day, the time of the week and the month of year. The following table shows the rate at different times;


CRT customers will be provided with digital meters with automated meter reading facility. This type of meters is able to read the consumptions on hourly basis.

Load Aggregation scenario

  • CRT customer load must be aggregated
  • All the load of the customer in a single site (single mulkya and Krouki and same entity renting or owning the premises) that are commercial, industrial or government will be calculated as 1 unit.
  • If the legal entity “Customer” has more than 1 rental contract for several offices in a single site, this is still considered a single customer and his load needs to be aggregated.
  • In a commercial building if there are residential customers and commercial, the commercial customers load needs to be aggregated, as per the rules above.
  • If the customer is renting several offices in the same site and using these for different businesses, their load will not be aggregated.
  • MR will be automated.

Transmission Charge: Corresponds to the Green Box in the diagram. This is the charge for using the transmission network depending the amount of load consumed by the customer. The higher the customer’s load, the more he is using the transmission network. So, this charge will depend on the Maximum loads the customers will consume.

The value of this charge is 12,000 OMR/MW connected per year for 2016. This charge will change might be changed in yearly basis.

Distribution Charge: Corresponds to the Blue Box in the diagram. This is the charges for using the distribution network, that delivery the electricity from the substation to the premises of the customer.

Customers connected on the transmission network will not pay Distribution Charges, as they do not use the distribution network.

The value of this charge is 7.0 bz/kWh consumed for 2016. This rate might be changed in yearly basis.

Supply Charge: Corresponds to the Yellow Box in the diagram. This is the cost of meter reading, billing, collection and other supply services. This charge is paid per meter in case the customer has more than one meters in the same premise.

The value of the St is 50 Rials/ customer for 2016, This charge might change in yearly basis.

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