New Connection Application

New connection Application more Info. for all new sites/building or projects that is completed, “a new connection application form” is required to be filled by customer/applicant. 

The requirement for the New Connection Application:

  • Copy of a valid Identify Card/ commercial registration for cooperate customer
  • Copy of a valid electrician license
  • No objection letter from Muscat Municipality for Connection
  • Copy of Electrical Drawing on A4 paper (if more than 1 meter)

The Procedure for the new connection application:

  • Head to any customer service offices that are available in different locations throughout the governorate of Muscat.
  • After having received the required document, the company will visit the connected site/building to ensure the safety of the internal connections and propose the best possible way to connect it to the main distribution lines.
  • An account opened for the customer for billing and referral reason after receiving the payment for the connection charges.
  • The customer is given a list of authorized companies from which one is chosen and contracted to install the meter (that have been tested initially by the company) and connect the building to the main distribution lines.
  • The company will finally check and insure all connections for security and safety reason.

List of Authorized Contractors