New Connection Procedures


Initial Connection

This is a notification from the customer to MEDC that he/she is starting the construction and he/she will need the electricity connection after completion of the construction project. MEDC will ensure providing the required network near to the customer location before the construction end date. MEDC is not required to reply to the customer in this application (Status can be provided to customer upon his request).

Required Document for initial application

  • Copy of a valid Identify Card/ Commercial registration for cooperate customer.
  • Copy of Mulkiya and Krooki
  • Copy of electrical drawing on A4 paper (Single line Diagramfor demand more than 200 KWh)
  • NOC from Muscat Municipality /Building permit.


  • Application for initial connection is available online
  • For customer with demand load more than 2500 KWh, more technical details will be required at initial connection application stage and this will need to be discussed in depth with MEDC’s technical team

New Connection

This is the connection Application for the completed (ready for connection) constructions (site/Premise/Project). An application form should be filled and submitted to any of MEDC service offices located in different areas in Muscat Governorate. The maximum required time to complete the connection is 10 days after receipt of the customer application (Excluding delay from Customer).

Required Documents for new connection application:

  • Copy of a valid (ID) Identification Card/ Commercial registration for cooperate customer.
  • Copy of “Mulkiya” and “Krooki”
  • Copy of a valid electrician license.
  • No objection letter from Muscat Municipality for Connection
  • Copy of electrical drawing on A4 paper (Single line Diagram).


  • Application for new connection should be submitted in one of MEDC’s Offices located in Muscat Governate.
  • Payment of connection fees are available in MEDC offices through card only (Cash Payment is not acceptable).
  • Customer can select one of the approved contractors. List of Contractors can be downloaded from the below Link.

List of Authorized Contractors